Leg Strength (GU1)

As many equestrians will know, leg strength is extremely important in all disciplines. Leg strength can benefit and assist the rider in many ways which can in turn improve performance. Seat and weight aids as well as lower leg strength can help tidy up your riding as these can be used to control the movement of the horse and make everything more subtle and appear effortless. However, It is not always easy to increase your leg strength when in the saddle. This is why it can also be beneficial to go to the gym. At this point many people would have no idea about what exercises to do or how to do them. This is why I have teamed up with Leon Munce who was happy to demonstrate a variety of exercises that can help those looking to get fitter and stronger in order to improve their riding/equine handling. Leon has always been keen in fitness having trained and competed in gymnastics and judo and is currently a gymnastics coach. I discussed leg strength in depth with Leon and he gathered together these exercises and filmed them especially for this blog. The exercises are as follows:

Weighted squats

Leg press

Leg extension






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