Grid work for your horse has many benefits and is an exercise I carry out at least once a month when training at home.
Throughout the next four blog posts I am going to post videos/pictures of myself and my horse jumping where I will explain the exercise and the purpose of the exercise.

The first thing I wanted to work on with my horse was confidence, for us both. This is why i had a grid work lesson with Jennifer Fairgrieve. She taught me that the height of jumps is not important when training at home and training at home is a great place to gain confidence.

When you’re setting up a grid at home it is important to measure your distances properly as this allows for you to know the horses strides between each jump and to know where and when they are going to take off. This allows for the rider to gain confidence as it means the horse is going to jump as there is little chance of them stopping during a grid as it flows one jump to another.

Grid work is one of the most beneficial ways to gain confidence not only for the rider, but also for the horse as it helps them see all the jumps, see their stride into the jump and also to get used to different combinations. Once your horse is confident you will begin to feel them taking you towards the jump instead of you having to encourage them.

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