Following on from least weeks lesson with Jennifer i decided to carry out some more grid work. This time with the intention to encourage my horse to be more reactive off of my aids. I often feel when i am jumping that i can use my leg to give him a kick, but i get no reaction.

I therefore decided to set up a grid and before every jump to give him a little squeeze with my leg to make him think that he is reacting to my leg. This allows you to teach your horse to react and listen to your aids, not only when jumping but also when carrying out flat work.

By the end of our training session my horse was reacting to all my seat, weight and leg aids and doing exactly what I asked him to do, this shows that grid work is effective for teaching your horse different riding aids.

As you can see in the below image, my horses legs are properly tucked up over the jump meaning he won’t knock it down, this is because i had done some grid work training with him and taught him to react off of my leg aid, so that when i pressed my leg he jumped with energy and impulsion. This can benefit the rider too as when it comes to competition the horse will be reactive to the riders aids meaning they are less likely to hit a pole.


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