Going out hacking with your horse is also just as important as riding in an arena as you do not want to make them bored of the arena as they will begin to dislike it and then they are more likely to misbehave.

Hacking doesn’t need to be a lazy stroll. It can be used for working the horse, endurance, stretching or just for fun!

I ride my horse around 5-6 times a week and recommend that at least 1-2 of these days is spent hacking as not only is it a good way for both horse and rider to relax but most horses also enjoy going a hack.

Hacking can also include things like going to the beach, through forestry or along trails. It doesn’t need to be round roads or through fields. Changing the scenery whilst hacking is good for your horse as it keeps their mind engaged whilst also allowing them to relax away from being schooled.


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