In the video below you can see myself demonstrating how to jump a course. The purpose of this course was to get my horse used to the fillers at the bottom of the jumps as he has previously never seen these as he is new to show jumping.

As every equestrian knows, these fillers can be scary to horses and riders. So practising over these at home can be a good way to familiarise your horse with these jumps.

It is important to remember that the jumps do not need to be big or complicated as that is not our aim. Our aim is to make our horse feel reassured and confident over all fillers as when you go to competition there will be fillers under every if not all jumps.

I like to keep the jumps basic with either a small cross pole or a small straight bar, this should be ever so slightly higher than the filler. I keep the course simple and don’t have any combinations. I only have a dogs leg and a double to save the horse getting panicked or confused by thinking about too many things at once.

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