Another good thing about jumping a course at home is being able to push your horse to new heights.

You can put the height of a course higher or even parts of the course higher to train your horse to jump higher jumps and to improve their flexibility.

This also means that you can move up within heights when competing.
In the video below you can see that I have put up part of a course to 1m10cm, this is to train my horse to be able to have the impulsion to jump a higher jump.

When doing this it is important to do it in small amounts, perhaps 5cm at a time, as you do not what to hurt your horse or cause them to refuse the jump and hurt yourself.

Although jumping at home can train you and your horse to jump bigger, it can also rebuild your confidence. Jumping at home for most people is somewhere safe and secure. This means you can put smaller jumps up and train yourself and your horse over them until you are bored and want to go a little bigger.

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