Cross Country with Lucinda Green MBE

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This post is the first of two that I am going to share with you. Each post contains short clips from Badminton Horse Trials where Lucinda Green is talking about each fence on the cross-country course.

In the videos you will be able to hear her explain the jumps, how she would approach them and anything she would watch out for on a cross-country course.

In the video below she is talking about jump 28A/B the Voltaire Design Huntsman’s Close where she explains the route, she would take to avoid any issues. Although she would take the longer route this means it will be easier for her horse. As this jump is late on her horse will be tired and less supple so may not manage a tricky line. At this fence riders must navigate their way between the trees and birch rails to choose their line over two oxers.

In the second video she explains how she would approach the very intense 17ABC/18 Mirage Water. This is a jump in which you must jump at a right angle, but you must be careful to not knock the flag or get stuck if you go wider. Horses must come back from gallop to focus on this tricky combination of a right angle corner over an old fashioned ditch to a second big right angle corner.

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